Attorney Profile | Fred Shahrooz Scampato


University of Illinois College of Law,
Juris Doctor, 1991

Drew University. Madison, NJ
B.A., Political Science, 1984.
M.A., International Relations, 1985


Law Office of Fred Shahrooz Scampato
(1998 – Present)
445 East Broad Street
Westfield, New Jersey 07090
Telephone (908) 301-9095
Fax Number (908) 301-9790

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Sole owner of a general practice litigation firm with an emphasis in employment and labor litigation and additional specialization in drafting, negotiating, and litigation of contracts. My responsibilities include drafting all papers and attending all court appearances for civil and criminal matters in various stages of litigation.

Specialties: My law practice primarily focuses on employment law litigation. This includes litigating or settling hundreds of discrimination, harassment and retaliation cases under State and Federal law; bringing actions against employers for violations of employee handbooks or company policies and negotiating significant increases in money and/or benefits in severance negotiations for hundreds of employees.

Fairleigh Dickinson University (2001 – Present)

Adjunct Professor in the Masters of Business Administration Program at the Silberman College of Business Administration.  Teaching two graduate level courses: Social, Political and Legal Environment of Business and Applied Business Law. The Legal Environment of Business course deals with the cycle of social needs, and the political, legal and regulatory response to those needs which affect business. Issues that are considered for discussion include ethics, technology, diversity and environment. The Applied Business Law course provides an in depth focus on those areas of law that interface with business.  Primary attention is given to contract law with additional concentration on business organizations, employment law, business torts, alternative dispute resolution and litigation in state and federal courts.

General teaching responsibilities for both courses include creating syllabus, preparing and delivering lectures to students, preparing and grading all exams and term projects, directing mock alternative dispute resolution sessions and preparing and supervising mock student civil trials


New Jersey Superior Court – (September, 1991 – August, 1992) – Clerked for two Middlesex County Judges, Joseph C. Messina, J.S.C. and Richard P. Plechner, J.S.C.  Aided a criminal and a civil trial judge in administration of all stages of trial process.  Researched and wrote memoranda on procedural and substantive law.  Provided written recommendations on hundreds of motions.  Researched and wrote drafts of opinions.  Voluntarily arbitrated Special Civil Part disputes on a weekly basis.

City Attorney’s Office, City of Champaign, Illinois, – (May, 1989 – May, 1991) Prepared and drafted research memoranda and legal documents.  Drafted official legal opinions of the city attorney on restrictions of outside political activities for municipal employees, city noise ordinances, and city’s conflict of interest code.  Prosecuted municipal cases in accordance with Illinois Supreme Court Rule 711.


State of New Jersey, December 1991
United States District Court, District of New Jersey, December 1991
United States Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit, June 2004


New Jersey State Bar Association, Labor and Employment
National Employment Lawyers Association, N.J. Branch, Board Member
The Calais School, Whippany, NJ, Board of Trustees Secretary
Volunteer Lawyer for People For The American Way Foundation
Essex, Middlesex and Union County Bar Associations


Legal Professional Journals
“Criminal Procedure/Exclusionary Rule/Standing/Residential Premises,” Illinois Bar Journal, August 1991.
“State Discrimination Law Awaits Gay Rights Test,” New Jersey Law Journal, December 19, 1994.
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Successfully litigated my jury trial; obtained $65,000 award for my client in November of 1992. Meticulously followed the coaching of senior colleagues at the firm while performing alone in the courtroom. Dealt with a range of unforeseen events in high-pressure circumstances lasting several days. Prevailed securing the judgment and prevailed again upon appeal.
In 2003, obtained a verdict for $1.2 million dollars in commercial litigation matter involving attempted fraudulent transfer of corporate assets. Successfully utilized forensic CPA expert testimony to prove fraud and to provide basis for damages. Over the course of the next three years, defeated all of adversary’s efforts in post judgment motion and appellate stages of litigation to overturn judgment.
Instrumental in obtaining a more than one quarter million dollar verdict in a complicated personal injury case. Proved my ability to quickly and effectively deal with numerous anticipated objections and motions over a two-week trial. Successful in securing verdict by defeating post-judgment motion for new trial and appeal.

Developed reputation for skill in satisfying difficult, hard to deal with clients. Devoted considerable extra time to these individuals to protect the business, assure its profitability and cement relationships. Considered by colleagues as an expert at nurturing important but challenging new clients.

Continuing to develop representation of state, county and local law enforcement officers.  Represent officers at Departmental Hearings and Administrative Court in defense of disciplinary charges.  Successfully settled harassment suit for county corrections officer.  Represented dozens of officers in various personal injury lawsuits.  Successful in arbitration where a police officers vehicle was intentionally struck by the uninsured motorist’s vehicle. After extensive study of the issue, I developed the argument that the police officer did not intentionally cause the accident while the uninsured motorist did, therefore the officer should be allowed compensation under his insurance policy. This legal argument was victorious at arbitration. A year later, a similar case was litigated to the same conclusion.

Demonstrated strong capability to perform effectively, winning jury trials years before other members of my graduating law school class. Secured high intensity, high quality experience by talking on dozens of new and difficult situations and delivering positive results.

Acquired fifteen years of experience being responsible for handling hundreds of cases from start to finish. I am a results oriented performer in personal injury, employment problems, civil litigation, municipal court, criminal law, divorce and other fields of law.

On a slip and fall case involving snow, our engineering expert could not find a reason to find the owner of the property to be held in for structural deficiencies in the property. I took the initiative and personally went to the site and determined that the pavement in the lot was not level. This enabled a report finding the owner of the premises to have some liability. A settlement exceeding $200,000 was achieved but would have been impossible without my resourcefulness in finding a way to keep both the tenant and the owner in the case.


Legal Counsel For Non-Profit Legal Self Help Organization

I am an active participant and committed volunteer of the American Pro Se Association (APSA).  I am also corporate counsel for the organization.  The APSA homepage is located athttp:/ The APSA is a non-profit organization, which is dedicated to providing legal resources to pro se litigants. Authored seminar notes as well as articles in American Pro Se Association quarterly newsletters. Co-hosted APSA legal help cable television show transmitting out of Atlantic City for one season in 1997. We interviewed a legal expert in a different area of law each week.

Professional Lecturer

Active lecturer on a variety of legal topics including civil rights law, employment law, interaction with law enforcement and auto insurance reform. Lectured at schools, businesses and non-profit organizations. Delivers yearly presentations at the annual meeting of the American Pro Se Association. Committed volunteer and legal resource for this non-profit organization, which is dedicated to providing legal resources to pro se litigants. Authored seminar notes as well as articles in American Pro Se Association quarterly newsletters. Co-hosted legal help cable television show transmitting out of Atlantic City for one season in 1997. Interviewed legal expert in a different area of law each week.